Class of 2017

As I look back on the last three years, I am astounded at how far we have come. I knew we would become nurses but as I reflect on all of our work and accomplishments it is easy to see we are so much more. What we have learned from the text and skills lab is minuscule in comparison to what we have learned about ourselves, each other, and the populations of people we will be caring for in the hospital. I don’t think many of us were prepared for exactly how exponential our growth would be or how much we would learn from working with patients and families that is so vital to fulfilling the roles of a nurse. We have become nurses, researchers, teachers, and patient advocates. We have grown into health care professionals that are prepared to build the future of nursing and healthcare. I am so incredibly proud of where we have ended up and I look forward to seeing what students continue to do with their nursing careers.

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