End of Life

Death is a common occurrence in my family. It seems as though a family member or close family friend dies at least once a year, so the topic of end of life is not new to us. My family members are very vocal about their wishes and speak openly about how the feel about burial options, funerals, and hospitalizations. It seems a bit morbid but when it is so prevalent, these kinds of conversations are common. Our family has never argued or been against making health decisions based on quality of life rather than quantity. I think part of this is because of the faith basis of my family. People are less likely to hold onto one’s physical body when they know the spirit is no longer there. There is also the understanding that when God deems it is time for them to go, it is not our place to make drastic medical decisions to keep them holding on. Yet, this interpretation is not the only one of families of faith. Other families believe so strongly in the power of prayer and miracles that they refuse to let go in hopes of a drastic turn around. My takeaway from this is that you cannot assume a family’s reaction based on their religious beliefs or previous experience with death and dying. Every family dynamic is different and every scenario may be responded to differently.

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